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Charley Harper Dishware – Instore now!

Charley Harper! He may well be one of the most influential and underrated artists of the mid century. His focused outlook and style was incredible and remains amazingly relevant today. As an artist and designer, we should all strive to create a legacy that will resonate with such respect 60 years down the road. Look him up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charley_Harper

Recently we were in NYC and visited one of our favourite stores — Fishseddy!  What a thrill it was to stumble upon a new Charley Harper dish series created by Fishseddy + Todd Oldham. It is simply beautiful, cheerful and everything awesome about Charlie Harper.

The exciting news thanks to the lovely Fishs folks is that we’ll be the first store in Canada to bring it in. I can’t wait to sip my morning free trade java from one of these mugs — I’m sure it will make the sun shine brighter every morning.

Update – the dishes are instore now and they are awesome — but hey, we didn’t order much so if you want it, we recommend reserving yours. Email us